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Behind The Wheels. 

About Us

Our Mission

V&M Driving School strives to provide the best service that is value for money. Extensive experience and many satisfied customers is the peace of mind. V&M Driving School offers to all who seek our services. We also have special discounts for students and pensioners, so book your driving lessons today! 

V&M Driving School aims to produce safe, capable and well learnt motorist on our Sydney roads and beyond. This aim will be achieved by:

1. Providing a very experienced driver trainer.

2. Providing driving lessons as per student requirments at a low hourly rate.

3. Prompt attentive service with the real solution.

4. Delivers theoretical knowledge along with practical driving experience. 


Our Vision

We want to change the way people think about driving and support them on their way to become a safer driver on the road. It’s extremely important to understand the importance of road rules and regulations which not only equip them from dangerous accident situations but also provides them necessary driving skills and confidence.

Our Values

Our key values are high-quality result-oriented drivers training, an outstanding service, as well as our corporate philosophy: dedication, enthusiasm and expert knowledge.

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